Monday, November 28, 2011

THRIFTY MONDAY: signs.... ok, just one sign

My local consignment shop is one of my favourite places to browse for clothes for myself.   I tend to go there at least once every two weeks....  But, it's not just clothes.  They accept everything from clothes to living room sofas.... the shop is pretty small, but they know what moves....

The lady who owns the shop is one of the very sweetest people I have ever met.... and I admire the fact that she remembers every. single. person's. name..... that's pretty amazing, considering her shop clientele is HUGE!

Aaaanyway, for the looooongest time, she had a beautiful restaurant sign displayed above one of her clothing racks.... it's fairly large, about the wider than a king size bed and roughly 15-18 inches high.... I had admired it for such a long time and never ever asked about it.  I had actually assumed that it was just a really cool display piece she used in her store.

Eventually, curiosity got the better of me and I inquired, she said it was definitely a consignment item and the price tag was $200.  A little more than I like to spend on a thrifted item; however, finding a sign this size for such a small price (as far as signs go), I just couldn't pass it up.... She agreed to sell for $175 cash.  NO PROBLEM.... I'll gladly take that baby off your hands....

Ho-ly buckets!  This things weighs a TON!  Thus, the reason for only the sneak peak you see here.... I just couldn't lift the thing on my own to get a better shot....

It looks like it's from the inside of a restaurant.  You know, the ones with all of the kitschy pictures and signs everywhere?  Aaaanyway, this big green beauty will find it's place in our future finished basement family room.... I am so looking forward to seeing it anchored to my wall.

Happy Monday peeps!  I hope you can find room in your hearts for some lovely thrifty-ness too  ;)

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