Tuesday, November 1, 2011

HOW-TO-TUESDAY: the sock bun

I came across this amazing hair tutorial on Pinterest a few days ago and I'm hooked!  It's the sock bun.... a.k.a.  Princess Leia buns (kinda)....  Here's the tutorial for the buns....

I have done this twice now; once like Leia's hair with two buns, and last night just one on the middle top of my head.

So you may be asking yourself; Why would one want to sport Leia buns?

Well, I'll tell ya, it's definitely NOT for the look of it.... I look TOTALLY ridiculous with these things in my thick hair!

Bu-ut.... you knew there was a but, right?  They make the prettiest curls in your hair.... and the best thing is, you don't need heat to make them!  I whip the hair up in a pony or two, spritz with a little water, make the bun, sleep and VOILA!  A messy bun in the morning....   No, silly, that's not where it ends.... once you take the bun out, your hair will have the biggest, bounciest curls you never had!

I am in love with this method for several reasons; 1.  My hair is so thick that my arms get cramped trying to use a curling iron on it.  B.  I don't like using too much heat on my hair, it damages the ends too easily.  Thirdly, I like the occasional curl.  And, D.  I'm lazy, and like the option of not washing my hair for two or three days.... I know, now you're saying; Eww, she doesn't bathe for two to three days at a stretch!  Not true.  I just don't wash my hair everyday.... it's thick, course, dry, native hair (you know, like Tonto?).... I don't have troubles with oiliness, so my hair can literally go days without a washing and still look fresh.  I can go as long as waiting to wash on the third day, and no longer.... after that I feel gross!

Aaaanyway, here's the tutorial for how to make curls with the sock bun....

Enjoy!  I hope you try it in your hair too.  Have a great day  ;)


  1. Were you rocking this look at hockey on Sunday? I noticed your hair and couldn't believe the gorgeous volume in it! Curls and waves - it looked very foxy! ;)

  2. Ha! You are CRAZY! But, yes, I was sporting this look Sunday... it was a trial... the boys thought it was 'So cool' that I had Leia buns and thought I should wear them when we go out.... bahahahaha!