Monday, November 21, 2011


With three kids to clothe, this is one of the places where being thrifty is a necessity.... especially when the oldest and youngest are growing at a ridiculous rate - slow down, you two, what's the rush?  Now, that's not to say that the monkeys never get anything new, they do.... but, for clothes the boys just tear up at school, I can't justify spending crazy amounts on growing kids.... we save the new stuff for birthdays, Christmas, beginning of school and summer....

Anyhow, one of my favourite thrifty places, Value Village, is having another of their quarterly half price sales.... TODAY!  Bu-ut! If you apply online for a super saver card, you get to enjoy the sale a whole day earlier - WITHOUT having to fight the crowds and tear things out of other shopper's hands (ok, so I've never had to do that, but have secretly wanted to.... just sayin')....

I could have waited for today to go, but with Mr. Monkey working, and having to take the girl monkey, I thought an hour of shopping yesterday, ALONE, was waaaay more appealing.  Because, honestly, for us Mommy's, when does that ever happen.... like next to NEVER!

Aaaanyway, check out this haul....

12 pieces of clothing in GREAT condition.... perfect for two growing monkeys.... and a few things for the Momma, too!  All for the low-low price of.... wait for it.... $20.52!!!!  (applause.... maybe the wave.... but, definite applause)....  Not that we're much into labels, but; there's QuickSilver, DC, Children's Place, Gap, Old Navy and H&M.... pretty good for $20 and change, I say!

If you're into it, and you have the time today.... Value Village near us, is open from 7am-9pm.... you never know what you'll find!  Good luck hunting!

Have a great day  ;)

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