Monday, November 7, 2011


Wow!  What a fantastic thrifty shopping day the girl monkey and I had with Mr. Monkey on Friday.  We found so many interesting and fun finds while browsing a junky old flea market and a Bibles for Missions thrift store.  But one of the best things I found was this....

A vintage 1975 Centura Spice O' Life tea pot for Corelle.

In searching for the particulars about this piece, I found out that this tea pot, my tea pot, is not the original design.  Originally, the pattern was larger and leafier (1971) then went through a redesign released in 1975 (my tea pot).  There are actually four versions of the Spice O' Life tea pot, each of which may or may not bare the french wording 'Le The' printed under the handle.... unfortunately, my little pot does not have this imprint. 

My little tea pot is in pristine condition.  It looks like it's barely been enjoyed with very, very minimal marks or discolouration on it's base.  The pattern itself is perfectly perfect with no scratches at all....

I am in love with this little steaming pot of morning joy.... My old tea pot, which was a brown betty look-alike, dribbled terribly.  I loved the look of her, but sadly, she made me growl every time I poured a cuppa.... She is being donated, and hopefully, will find a home with some other tea lover who has more patience for her insolent, drooling nature.

My inspiration to seek out and purchase a Corelle tea pot, was my mother-in-law.  She had a Corelle Blue Cornflower tea pot that she remarked, 'was the best tea pot I ever had.'

Blue Cornflower Tea Pot - A Lot To Collect Shop on Etsy

I remember back in dating days, having dinner at my in-laws house.... while clearing the table after we ate, my father-in-law would pour the hot water in the Blue Cornflower pot and it would sit steeping on top of the stove until we were ready.  He would bring the tea and milk to the table, and I would have to ask almost every time for sugar.  The sugar was housed in yellow plastic Tupperware container....

Anyway, I had to see what all the fuss was about.  So, I cleaned the tea pot thoroughly, then me and the middle monkey, who loves to enjoy a spot of tea with mommy, wasted no time in steeping a fresh pot of decaf earl grey.  We sat at the table together sipping from cheerfully coloured Fiesta.... I love the moments where my children share something simple, and so adult.... they are certainly cherished times....  And!  NO DRIBBLES!  I love. this. tea. pot.

Have a great day everyone  ;)

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  1. Mama and Boy tea parties ARE special - I agree! We have them all.the.time! Love the retro rewind! :) T.

  2. I've been keeping my eye out for some additions for your collection when I'm out, but haven't seen anything interesting...will keep scanning, looks like you'll be enjoying warm cups of tea :)