Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I know I've written about this before; but, it still amazes me how kids are thrilled by the simplest things....Sure the 'in' toys; the over-commercialized items that are thrown in our faces every time we turn on the tv or open up a flyer are what they desire, want and hope for.... these are what I like to call flash-in-the-pan objects.... they're liked and admired and played with for short periods then quickly forgotten and passed up for the tried and true.  You know the ones, the toys that force kids to use their imagination.... because when it comes down to it, kids love creating their own play.  It's inherent in a child's very make up.  That's what they do - it's how they first begin to learn about the world around them.  So why not nurture these sometimes forgotten forms of play?

I'm not saying that children shouldn't have some of the things they long for.... rather, they should be given a good mix of what they want and what they need to help foster their growing minds.

Aaaanyway.... I painted a set of wooden peg dolls for my daughter last year for Christmas.  One doll representing each person in our family.  A fun little project.... painting.  Painting.... my favourite artful thing to do.  Every time I pick up a paint brush to do a project, I remember just how much I love doing it.... My daughter loves her set.  She even found a little carry case for them.... And I'm certain she would have loved them and played with them just as much if they were left naked....

Anyhow, these little naked people beg me to dress them.... and I lovingly oblige.  I just love choosing the colour of clothes, the hair, the personality.... and my favourite thing - giving them life at the very end by adding their little dotted eyes.

These four little ladies are so pretty.... and finished with a little sparkle.... what little girl doesn't LOVE sparkle?  Every time I walk by them, they make me smile.  Something so simple - and it brightens my day.... I hope the little lady who these will be gifted to, will feel smiley when ever she glances their way too.

A good rule to follow at this time of year.... keep it simple.
Have a great day folks  ;)

p.s.  REFURB-RECON,-REPURPOSE will return.... eventually....

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