Friday, November 11, 2011

RANDOMNESS: love for a friend

The other day, I had the pleasure of spending some time with a friend, a father, a very kind man who has lost one of the most important people in his life.... his devoted daughter, and our loving friend, Becky.

It's not possible to put into words, the love and admiration I have for this man and his beautiful wife.  Two people who united and gave us an equally beautiful soul, gifted to us, Becky.... Getting to know Peter and Dorothy over the past few years has given me a glimpse into how Becky became the amazing woman she was.... still is in our hearts and memories.

Coming to terms with the loss of someone so special is no easy task.... one that will likely never find resolution.  So what's left for those of us who are here?  Memories of warm hugs, happy times, togetherness.... time.... time for remembering and reflecting....  It doesn't even remotely fill the space where she lived; but, we have to hold onto every. little. bit. of what we have....

I know that you can't mark the calendar and say, "Ok, I'll be done with the grieving onnnnn, hmmmm,  this date."  But, we still try, don't we?  The hurt is sometimes so gnawing that we want to see the end of it.... But; what can we do?

We can talk.

We can talk together.... talk about how we're feeling, talk about the what's next, talk about her and how she helped us light up....

Though being with Peter sometimes, always, ends in tears, I come away feeling very close to both him and Becky.  I have amazing reminders of the love I have for my friend, in Peter and Dorothy....  And I also have two more beautiful souls to cherish....

Today, I am grateful for the love and strength of Peter and Dorothy, two adoring parents who have endured immeasurable loss yet still smile their warmth upon us.... I am grateful for sitting in a coffee shop next to someone I consider a kindred friend and father figure.... and I am grateful for everything she gave, for she made me feel truly loved by a friend....

Today I'm remembering you, our friend.... always with us, Becky, like a warm, comforting hug  ;)


  1. That is so beautiful Julie. I also so admire Peter and Dorothy - it's like looking into the window of Becky's soul. I can see where she got her attitude for life. To take so much loss and suffering and not let it turn them into bitter and sad people. The sadness is there, but they push through it to provide love and warmth for the kids and G... His hug at the end of the walk will always always remain with me - the pain in his eyes clouded briefly by pride and I had a moment of thinking "wow, he is proud of me.. and Julie, and everybody else who walked this walk" I shared a small glimpse of what Becky had in her parents... and am so grateful that the brief life she had was so beautiful, and I can imagine such a happy childhood for her.
    I love you Julie.. xo