Friday, November 4, 2011

RANDOMNESS: one thousand gifts

I've joined a book club at a local church.  Now, I'm not a religious person.  I was never raised in church, I never went to church.  The only times I have been in a church were for weddings, christenings and funerals.

Strangely enough, I was married in a church.  The very same church where my mother and father-in-law were wed.  It was more for tradition's sake than anything else.

I can appreciate people's beliefs; I don't attest to know more or less than anyone else where spirituality is concerned.  I come from a people, first people as we're now referred to, who believe that everything in life has a spirit; from a place where Christianity was introduced.  I like believing that everything has a spirit and soul.... I think for me, it makes me appreciate life that much more.  To not take for granted what the earth has given us.  Again, I make no judgements on what people want to believe to live the life they were meant to live.

So you may be wondering, Why has she chosen to join a club within a church?  Well, I'll tell ya.... My friend, Rebecca, is the minister's wife at said church.  She invited me to join.  One morning a week; for a couple of hours; chatting; tea/coffee; and babysitting, which, honestly, is more like nursery school complete with lessons, craft time and snack.  Needless to say, my girl-monkey LOVES going to 'nursey sool'.

For me, it's a chance to get out of the house.  Talk with adults.  And let my child socialize and learn in a structured environment.  What's not to love?

The book:  one thousand gifts, written by Ann Voskamp.

A book written from a religious perspective.... but one that I can definitely read and apply to my own life.  What I've been able to take from this book, so far, is that I am genuinely happy with how my life has shaped itself, or rather, how I've molded myself into the person I am today.  I keep going back to the saying, 'When life gives you lemons....'  And I think that is a testament to my life.  With so many obstacles from inception to my early 20's.... well, some days I just shake my head and say to myself, 'How did I get here?'  Not here on earth; but, to this place where I can be okay and accepting and forgiving and most of all, happy.... It's a simple answer really -

I chose me.

I chose to change me.  I chose to accept that I cannot change the past and that I did not create the past.  I chose to move forward and live my best life....

I chose me.

So, the writer is trying to find grace in a life that keeps throwing grief after grief.... and has decided to write a list of one thousand things that she is thankful for.... and in doing so, she is reshaping herself, reshaping her soul and trying to live her life fully.

I like the idea of writing down things that make me smile, things I am ever grateful for.... I'm starting my list.  I'm going out, finding a beautiful journal, and everyday jotting down one thing that I am thankful for.  It's not unlike the 'I Love You' jars that I have for my children and husband.... only I'm choosing.... me.

Have a great day my pretties  ;)


  1. Annnnnnd we're back to me tearing up whilst reading your blog! xo I'm proud of you. For the woman you are, the mother you choose to be, the friend you have become, and the genuine person we cherish.

    What a great book - I'll have to put it on my list, too!


  2. I will have to order that one! I love that book club, I didn't sign up this time cause I don't have the car much anymore, and have a wacky schedule of kiddies... but I adored it last year! Enjoy the book, and the wonderful group of ladies, it's such a safe environment to explore your own faith and beliefs, whatever they are.. I know I had a few big revelations last year for myself which totally changed my world! I am also so proud of you... and I look up to you like you wouldn't believe. xo