Sunday, November 27, 2011


Much of our fall/winter family time revolves around hockey.... the boys play four, sometimes five, days a week.... we watch NHL hockey.... at least three times a week there's a mini sticks game going on between the girl and her boys.... and Daddy helps coach the middle man's team and plays pick-up with a bunch of guys on Tuesday nights himself....

Old Hockey Skates.  Art print by Danny Bailey
Where do I fit into all of this?  Well, I don't play.... I'd love to but there aren't any women's pick-up leagues around here, and if I'm being honest, I skate very, very poorly.  Yes, I said it.  I'm a Canadian and my skating skills are beginner at best.  I'd love to invest the money and buy all the equipment and just play.  I think it's the only way I'm going to gain any kind of hockey/skating skill.... but; as I said earlier, they just don't offer, a-hem, women of my age the opportunity near here.

Don't get me wrong.... my role in all of this hockey is very important too.  I wouldn't give up being the bus driver, the skate lacer, the #1 fan, and the after game high-fiver for anything in the world.  Anywhere that my family is involved in something (anything).... it's my job, responsibility, honour, absolute pleasure to be the side liner; watching, cheering, and beaming with pride.  I take this role very seriously.  Sometimes, maybe (always) I can get a little excited.... and maybe, sometimes (always) I make a little noise.... but; I'm sure, positive really, that my guys are very happy to hear Mommy encouraging them from the stands.... right?

Happy hockey season everyone  ;)


  1. Maybe? Sometimes? *ahem*... ALWAYS! That's why we love you - you're the rowdy one who encourages ever.single.kid on the ice that is doing their best and having fun. Isn't THAT what real hockey moms do? Cheers to awesome hockey moms!! xo

    Novice #5 Mommy
    Peewee #9 Mom