Wednesday, June 29, 2011


So, I wanted to share a song that I've always loved, one that takes me back to my summers as a teenager.... It's from the first album I ever bought with my own money... money that I made working at Wendy's...And, yes. I said album. Album, as in one made of vinyl... the ones that needed a turntable and a needle to play music... does that make me seem even older or what?!

This song reminds me of the summer I purchased the album Reckless by Bryan Adams, the year it was released, 1984.... the same Bryan Adams that I thought for sure would one day find me and marry me.... because you know when he sang Heaven from the same album, he was singing it to me.... yeah, it's true....

Aaaanyway, this is Summer of 69 by Bryan Adams, another Canadian icon of music.... a-and my former future husband.... have a fantastic summer everyone ;)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Quick sunday morning project....

I've had the itch to do some summer sewing projects.... just haven't had the time lately.... but, I had these two summer baby jumpers stashed away for no other reason than I loved how they looked on the Ham and I just couldn't bare to sell them.

After going through all of the kids clothes a few weeks ago, preparing for a Mom-to-Mom sale, I came across them again, and decided to cut the bottoms off and transform them into summer tops for the girl-babe.

A super simple project that I finished in 30 minutes.... that's two new summery tops.... in 30 minutes! I know!

Aaaanyway, they went from this....

to this....

to this.... Voila!

Have a great Sunday everyone ;)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday night video....

In the spirit of tomorrow's Irish inspired party.... The Corrs - Toss the Feathers.... have a great Friday night all ;)

Working day....

This little blog space has been feeling very neglected lately; but, I assure you, I'm always thinking of it.... it's just lately I've been busy with life in general - you know, sick children; school trips; helping friends; lounging poolside on hot days.... ok, technically the last one doesn't quite qualify as "work"; but it is definitely needed on some of our scorching Southern Ontario days....

Today is another busy one.... my beautiful friend Kim has organized a fantastically HUGE get-together tomorrow for all of Becky's family, friends and supporters.... So for me today is a prep day.... you know, getting veggies cut, rice and quinoa cooked, etc, etc, etc, so tomorrow morning I'll just have to toss the two salads together and fill and wrap a ton of rice paper veggie wraps.... sounds easy right? Fingers crossed tomorrow morning goes well ;)

And I'm hoping to throw together a pretty little Irish-inspired dress or top for my girl-babe.... and by Irish-inspired I just mean green.... I really don't have time between now and 2pm tomorrow to learn and feverishly knit an aran sweater or stitch-up a traditional tartan kilt.... not to mention, I don't have the slightest idea about how to do either....

Aaanyway, just wanted to let you know that I'm still kickin' around.... and if I do in fact manage to finish a dress or top for Hammy, I'll be sure to post it in this lonely little place....

My hunny will be by later today with your Friday night video, have a lovely afternoon until then ;)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Do you know the Muffin Man?

I'm cookie baking today.... I'm making about 130 sugar cookie cut-outs for a party for a friend on Saturday.... When I started this morning, I kept thinking of this little guy....

Enjoy your day ;)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday night video....

Several years back, and before children graced mine and my husbands lives, I won tickets to see Great Big Sea from a radio station. I used to listen to the radio while getting dinner ready after work.... I think the radio program was 5 at 5... you know the radio shows where they want you to write down the 5 songs played at 5 o'clock then race to dial the phone and be whatever caller number they were looking for on that particular day.... Aaaanyway, as luck would have it, I won! I rarely win anything - ever! And winning tickets to see one of my favourite Canadian bands was amazing to me.

So, in the spirit of an upcoming bash to honour my friend Becky, her amazing family, and gigantic circle of friends and supporters.... I thought the Canadian East Coast sound of Great Big Sea would mesh well with the trip to Ireland that has been postponed til later.

So, here you have it.... Great Big Sea with Run Runaway.... enjoy! It's Friday!

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Whoever said time flies, sure wasn't kidding. My baby boy is turning 7 at 2:33pm today. How did we get here so fast? Yesterday you were just a 7 pound 2 ounce little string bean; and today, well, you're a 7 year old string bean.

You are my adventurer. Ready to tackle any mountain.

You are my artist, who gets creative with anything in your path.

You are your brother's shadow; because, when it comes down to it, older brother's are just the bee's-knees.... and yours is no exception.

You are a hero. When you became the middle child, instead of feeling left out, you eased into the big brother role with love and pride to a point that at times, I hate to admit, can be annoying for your sister.

You are a nature lover, who finds beauty and intrigue in everything. And you are one of four stars in the screenplay of my life. You smother me with love every. single. day. And I am a better Mom because of it. I love you to the moon, M. Always.

xo Mommy ;)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday night video....

Once again.... one of my favourites from high school.... The Pogues, a band from England whose sound can be described as Celtic with a hint of Alternative-Punk.... I saw these guys in Toronto when I was 17 (I won't reveal what year that was...); but they were GREAT! They were drunk when they came out on stage, and front man Shane MacGowan could barely stand-up.... nevertheless, they rocked the house.... I was 3 people back from centre stage, but squished so much that had there been seats, me and the two people in front of me would have been sitting in the same seat! A-may-zing show!

So here's tonight's video; Fiesta by The Pogues.... enjoy! Have a great weekend all ;)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Saying good-bye....

My kitty died on Monday. I found him laying peacefully under my basement stairs. My heart is broken. I loved this guy, Scout, so much. He was my very first pet. He would have been 14 this September. He lived a long life for a cat, he had a great home life, and 5 people who loved him very very much.

If he was suffering, he sure didn't show us. He was spry til the very end. The day before he passed, my oldest son made him a paper ball, and they played together.... it was one of his favourite things to play with. I will always remember you fondly.... I will miss walking up the stairs being greeted by you with a cold nose to nose kitty/mommy-kiss, I will miss your deafeningly loud purr, I will miss you nuzzling the back of my neck when I'm playing on the floor with the kids.

You were my very first "child". You were my friend; my "watch-dog" when daddy worked nights or was away; and you were, and still are, very much loved.

Rest your weary body, Scout. Til we meet again ;) xoxoxo

Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday night video....

This song is one of my favourites from the Pumpkins.... and it must be said that I have a bit of a crush on Billy Corgan (weird, huh?). And, as I'm feeling extremely frustrated, angry and helpless for a friend's misfortune, I thought this would be very cathartic. Nothing better to drown out the thoughts in your head than a great loud and angry song. Hugs to you B ;)

Have a great weekend everyone ;)

Friday's inspiration....

If you hear a voice within you saying,"you are not a painter", then by all means, paint... and that voice will be silenced.

Vincent Van Gogh

Starry Night photo source

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thrifty thursday....

Today, my Hammy-Girl and I ventured to my favourite thrifty store, and here's what we came away with....

A vintage camp lantern that's very rustic, in a great shade of red, perfect for my guest-bedroom-in-progress; a vintage single flat bed sheet that will be perfect for a couple of sweet summery twirly skirts and maybe an apron or two; and two children's books, because really, a child can never have too many books....

The grand total for today's haul....
$ 8.00 camp lamp
$ 1.95 bed sheet
$ 0.50 2 books (.25 each)
$10.45 plus tax

I love this place! So many little treasures.

Have a great night everyone ;)