Sunday, June 12, 2011


Whoever said time flies, sure wasn't kidding. My baby boy is turning 7 at 2:33pm today. How did we get here so fast? Yesterday you were just a 7 pound 2 ounce little string bean; and today, well, you're a 7 year old string bean.

You are my adventurer. Ready to tackle any mountain.

You are my artist, who gets creative with anything in your path.

You are your brother's shadow; because, when it comes down to it, older brother's are just the bee's-knees.... and yours is no exception.

You are a hero. When you became the middle child, instead of feeling left out, you eased into the big brother role with love and pride to a point that at times, I hate to admit, can be annoying for your sister.

You are a nature lover, who finds beauty and intrigue in everything. And you are one of four stars in the screenplay of my life. You smother me with love every. single. day. And I am a better Mom because of it. I love you to the moon, M. Always.

xo Mommy ;)


  1. AWWW You just made me cry Julie :) Because you GET it... the joy you find in your children, and the delight you have in their lives and what makes them happy... I LOVE that.

  2. Those are beautiful words, tearing up right now as i am typing this. You are such a wonderful mom a true reflection is seen in your children. Happy Birthday Marek!!!