Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Saying good-bye....

My kitty died on Monday. I found him laying peacefully under my basement stairs. My heart is broken. I loved this guy, Scout, so much. He was my very first pet. He would have been 14 this September. He lived a long life for a cat, he had a great home life, and 5 people who loved him very very much.

If he was suffering, he sure didn't show us. He was spry til the very end. The day before he passed, my oldest son made him a paper ball, and they played together.... it was one of his favourite things to play with. I will always remember you fondly.... I will miss walking up the stairs being greeted by you with a cold nose to nose kitty/mommy-kiss, I will miss your deafeningly loud purr, I will miss you nuzzling the back of my neck when I'm playing on the floor with the kids.

You were my very first "child". You were my friend; my "watch-dog" when daddy worked nights or was away; and you were, and still are, very much loved.

Rest your weary body, Scout. Til we meet again ;) xoxoxo

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  1. He was a beautiful kitty Julie. Much love and hugs sent your way... He simply slipped away content and happy in his life and that is a blessing. I'm sorry you have to go through this pain, and for your beautiful kiddies... I understand. Take good care of yourself. xo