Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thrifty thursday....

Today, my Hammy-Girl and I ventured to my favourite thrifty store, and here's what we came away with....

A vintage camp lantern that's very rustic, in a great shade of red, perfect for my guest-bedroom-in-progress; a vintage single flat bed sheet that will be perfect for a couple of sweet summery twirly skirts and maybe an apron or two; and two children's books, because really, a child can never have too many books....

The grand total for today's haul....
$ 8.00 camp lamp
$ 1.95 bed sheet
$ 0.50 2 books (.25 each)
$10.45 plus tax

I love this place! So many little treasures.

Have a great night everyone ;)


  1. which store is this? great finds!

  2. It's just a small store on charing cross, near kfc, there used to be a laundromat there. They have a small little housewares section, but I always seem to find something of interest. It's kinda my little hidden gem :)

  3. is it the little one by that other chicken place... in a little strip mall thingy, with pink signs? I LOVE that place!