Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday night video....

Several years back, and before children graced mine and my husbands lives, I won tickets to see Great Big Sea from a radio station. I used to listen to the radio while getting dinner ready after work.... I think the radio program was 5 at 5... you know the radio shows where they want you to write down the 5 songs played at 5 o'clock then race to dial the phone and be whatever caller number they were looking for on that particular day.... Aaaanyway, as luck would have it, I won! I rarely win anything - ever! And winning tickets to see one of my favourite Canadian bands was amazing to me.

So, in the spirit of an upcoming bash to honour my friend Becky, her amazing family, and gigantic circle of friends and supporters.... I thought the Canadian East Coast sound of Great Big Sea would mesh well with the trip to Ireland that has been postponed til later.

So, here you have it.... Great Big Sea with Run Runaway.... enjoy! It's Friday!

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