Sunday, November 6, 2011

FAMILY DAYS: little bits of life

Halloween came and went.... and it was busy, so busy as it always is; but, so much fun.... The rest of the week was spent reeling children back from sugar-highs, making lunches, studying for math and spelling tests, laundry, and everything else that makes a house a home and a bunch of people a family....

Daddy and the boys had a Boys Day Out on Saturday afternoon and ventured to see the movie Real Steel and eat HUGE tubs of popcorn in the theatre.... the boys were so excited....  The girl babe and I played with Calliou's treehouse then went for a long walk that proved to be too much freshness for her little body to bear, she fell asleep and I was left to explore my thoughts on a beautiful sunshine-y fall day....  Did I ever tell you fall is my favourite?

This week, we've enjoyed a much needed break from hockey.... I'm very thankful for the tournament that was scheduled at our arena this weekend and forced our schedule to be put on hiatus.... and in a stroke of luck, Daddy just happened to be off work too!  So much family time.... I love these simple times we spend together...

Have a lovely Sunday with those you love  ;)

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