Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Vintage Halloween....

Have you noticed that Halloween is creeping up fast?!  I have a list of 'things' about a mile long that I have to accomplish before Saturday.... so, to get me in the mood and light a fire under my behind, I went searching for some inspiration on Etsy.... here's what I found....

A beautiful vintage cowgirl costume.  I. Fell. In. Love.  From rebekahlou, Etsy.

Still-in-the-box, vintage Halloween cookie cutters from Stray Squirrels, Etsy.

A costume my boys would flip out over, vintage C3PO, from thatsthebeesknees, on Etsy.

Vintage 60's die cut paper decoration, by VintageHaus, Etsy.

From this afternoon til the wee hours of Friday night/Saturday morning, I'm pretty sure I'll be going crazy trying to start and finish everything on my Halloween to-do list.... Next year, I think I'll just focus on my girl-babes birthday that's just a little after Halloween.... No more of the "Christmas Rush" at Halloween - of course, I say that now, and next year I'll get all caught up in this fun (and personal favourite) time, and do it all. over. again.

Enjoy your day folks  ;)

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