Saturday, October 15, 2011

Rites of passage for a Hockey-Mom....

Tomorrow afternoon, this little guy, 

at the ripe old age of 8 (Wow!  What's your secret for looking so young?), gets to enjoy his first bussed trip, away hockey game.  He's been to several away games in past seasons, the only difference is that he was riding in the Mommy-bus; somehow, not quite the same....

This bus trip, however, is just a one-time treat from a very generous Coach, who's son, Zac, just happens to be an NHL player.... In true Hockey-Dad form, Coach has decided to rent a bus just for the team to mark this years' first novice away game.

I wish I had the movie camera rolling to capture the look on this monkey's face when he found out about the bus!  It was a reaction that I will never. forget.  And in these times when they love to play hockey; but, hate the getting there part.... well, let's just say I've never witnessed him so excited about playing than I did in that moment.  My Hockey-Mom heart was overflowing with pride for a boy - this boy - who is growing at the speed of light.... who, I'm sure will be the same size as me (if not taller) by this time next year.... this boy, who I can barely carry to bed anymore; but, still calls me Mommy.... This boy, who I can't bare the thought of someday letting go.

Enjoy it bub!  You deserve it.  So proud to be your Mommy....

xo ;)

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