Sunday, October 16, 2011

Saturday thrifting.... never again....

I don't normally go near my beloved, Value Village on a Saturday.... it's a very treacherous place to be.  It's extremely busy with bargain hunters especially with Halloween so close; and I don't know if I've mentioned the poorly designed parking lot which it shares with a large Staples store and a very busy gym.... aaaanyway.

They really should get you to sign a waiver before entering that parking lot on a Saturday.... "I, Mrs.Monkey, do solemnly swear that I understand that by driving onto this parking lot, I am taking the lives of myself and my children into my own hands...."  again, aaaanyway....

I was on the hunt for a shirt and tie for the little monkey who will be taking the bus to an away hockey game.... Yes, folks, it's getting to this point in his hockey career.... the shirt and tie.... EEKS!  Another affirmation that he's growing way too fast!

Snagged a great deal on a nice button down dress shirt, casual dress pants and v-neck wool sweater.... had to buy a men's tie; but, that's easy enough to MacGyver into something suitable for a young lad  ;)

Cost Breakdown:
$  5.99 button down shirt (a bit more than I like to spend, buy hey!)
$  3.99 GAP casual dress khaki's (with no visible signs of wear)
$  2.99 GAP v-neck wool sweater (also no signs of wear)
$  3.99 men's tie (feel bad chopping it to bits.... nah, not really)
$16.96 TOTAL for an outfit that looks great, and will likely not be worn together again :P

Can't beat that price anywhere!  And the nice thing is, he didn't even bat an eye that I was buying him this outfit from a thrift store.  I love that!  I hope my kids grow up saying that their mother loved them enough to buy them the things they needed while at the same time putting our family, as a whole, first.  Because that's what it's all about for me.  Sure, I could go out and buy brand new outfits for occasions like this; I have the means; I like new things too.  But, the reality for me is, WHY?.  Why, when there are places like value village, and people who love to trend shop.... it makes no sense for me to spend my husband's hard earned money so frivolously.  Not to mention, it's about recycling and breathing new life into something old-ish.  I figure it's a win-win for everyone:  I get the deals on items that are still as good as new; my children learn the value of a dollar and to prioritize; stuff gets recycled; and local charities benefit from my meager spending.... see, win-win!

Okay, on with the post.... Of course, I couldn't leave without checking out the housewares section, and as usual, there were more vintage pieces of Pyrex.  Only problem was, they were very worn.... Nuts!  It really saddens me when I find a pattern that I love and the previous owner(s) didn't give it the white glove treatment.... boo!  Oh well, there'll be more....

I did find a pretty gingham half apron that will make it's way into the shop, and books, LOTS of books for the kids!  My guys love love LOVE Captain Underpants.... at first, I really didn't like them and didn't want them reading them; but, after seeing how involved they get.... well, how can you take away something they're reading?  I mean that's the point, right?  They're reading something.  And of course, little Seuss books for the miss, and her favourite author, Eric Carle.

And, I didn't come away totally empty-handed myself.... more vintage canning jars with the screw tops (which is a rare find), there were a few more, but I opted for these 3.... I'm beginning quite a collection of these too; but, I do use them.... honest.

Anyhow, hope you have a happy Sunday filled with family and fun.... later folks  ;)

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