Monday, October 24, 2011

Spending time....

We didn't get around to making the marshmallow shooters like we had hoped; but, that was ok, we were busy with hockey and just spending time with Mr. Monkey's Mom and Dad before they leave for the winter.... Saturday morning was hockey, hockey, hockey; and in the afternoon we picked apples and enjoyed fall festivities at a nearby farm....

climbing on hay bales
riding on 'Moo' the pony

so many pumpkins, they wanted to bring the whole trailer home

And Sunday we enjoyed some beautiful weather and a hike.  This time of year is my favourite - I love all the colour and smells....

this itsty-bitsy spider was HUGE!

red berries on a blue sky

yellow and green moss

can you find the dragonfly?

a beautiful day with family

We enjoyed a great day together with Gran and Gramps and Auntie Marilyn.... then headed home for a belated Thanksgiving turkey dinner.  Just the kind of weekend quality time I love....

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!  Have a great day  ;)

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