Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Perfect for a vintage monkey....

One of my proudest thrifty moments came a little over a week ago.... The girl-monkey and I were shopping at Value Village, scouting out a lamp suitable for a "big-girl" bedroom-to-be....

There were disney princess cast-offs, 90's pink ceramic, nursery-room types with blocks and bears, 70's era junk (that I LOVED!).... and this is the one she chose....  All. on. her. own.

I spotted it as soon as we started looking at the several lamps available, and had secretly hoped she would like it too.  I had decided before we even entered the store that she should be able to pick out something without any input from me, and that it would be coming home with us regardless of how I felt about it.... after-all, she is her own person with her own likes and dislikes and who am I to say otherwise?  This pretty little thing set us back a whole $4.99!

This is white hobnail milk glass.  Hobnail refers to the shape of the bumps.... they get that effect by pressing the melted glass into molds.... Milk glass dates back to the 16th century; but, wasn't actually called milk glass until the late 1880's.  Milk glass was seen as a symbol of household status.  During the depression, it lost appreciation.  Around the 1950's, the glass company, Fenton introduced their hobnail pattern, that brought lovers of milk glass back to the checkouts, and from then on, there was a resurgence in popularity, that still holds today among collectors.  More history in a nutshell :)

Anyhow, you can imagine how proud and amazed I was when she pointed to "dat one" and asked, "Can I take it home witt me, Momma?"  How could I say no to that?!  After we gave it a good cleaning, and tested it out.... perfect working order.... we decided it was the best choice for her vintage and thrifty room-to-be.  Judging by the electrical cord and fixtures, I figure this little lamp probably dates to the early 70's, maybe late 60's.  Still a very serviceable item.... and the brass, well, that has to go.... it's going to receive a fresh coat of smoky purple spray paint or something that will accent well with everything else.

Have a great day everyone   ;)

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