Thursday, October 13, 2011

The bed....

I have to say, of everything I've found for the girl-babe's bedroom makeover this is, by far, my favourite item....

The bed.

It's beautiful.  It's chipped.  It's worn.   It has great lines.   And the best part is.... she. loves. it.

What about that nasty looking brass, you ask?  Well, you know that's getting painted.... probably the same smoky purple as the brass on the milk glass lamp.... at least that's what's on the blueprint in my mind...

So, the re-do on this little lady will be pretty simple.  Sand down the loose chips and give it a nice coat of fresh paint.  And in the words of Forrest Gump, "...that's all I gots ta say 'bout that."

I found this bed at an antique fair that was held at a local antique shop.... there were many vendors that cold and rainy weekend.... some stayed, some left.... I'm just glad she stayed otherwise I wouldn't have found this wonderful piece of dreamy-ness (or my colourful collection of fiesta, for that matter).... Anyhow, these pretty pieces of aged metal set us back $70 dollars.... 

Honestly, I didn't know if I was getting a great deal or not.  The vendor assured me I was; but, you know people, they just want to unload their wares for the most they can get.  We actually left both the bed and fiesta, and as soon as we got home, regret set in.  I sent Mr. Monkey back right away to pick up everything.   It wasn't until Mr. Monkey and I took our weekend anniversary trip, that I realized how great a deal the bed really was.  In a little shop in Thornbury (beautiful town), I found a very similar bed for double the price!.... I'm so thankful that in all of my frugality (a-hem, cheapness) I could see the greater picture and knew that my little-lady-love would be happy with her new big-girl bed.

Have a happy day everyone  ;)


  1. Pretty...Anne of Green Gables comes to mind. Love it. Can't wait to see it all come together. Sherry

  2. Sherry, I loved it when I first saw it and kept coming back to it.... just glad I didn't miss out :)