Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hat season is here....

With the cool weather upon us, I'm thinking HATS!  

And as luck would have it, so are my customers!

Just a quick reminder that I am taking orders for 3 monkeys inc Skull and Crossbones hats.... Check out my Etsy  to see what colours we have to offer; and please keep in mind, you're not limited to the colours in the shop, there are several other colours to choose from, I've just shown the most popular choices....

I can also bring your ideas to life!  Give me a sketch, idea, description - of what you have in mind and we'll talk about what I can do.

If you're thinking of ordering, and you know me personally, please feel free to contact me outside of my Etsy shop - all other orders will be gladly filled through the shop!  Looking forward to a great HAT season!

Beautiful pictures courtesy of Stephanie Eidt Photography... Not only is she an amazing photographer; but, she's a pretty great person to hang around!  Be sure to check her out!

Have a great day everyone  ;)

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