Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Getting here from there....

Ever since I was a child, I've been making 'stuff'.... some of the first things I remember making were furniture from cereal boxes for my pseudo-Barbie doll (my mom couldn't afford the real-deal, so I had the hollow plastic one who when you tried putting her into a seated position, would annoyingly put herself on display in a way that only adult men could appreciate... do you remember those dolls without bendy knees? maybe you had one too?)   

Aaaanyway, I hand-stitched little clothes to cover that doll, made pillows and blankets using my old clothes ~ I guess I did this out of necessity because we didn't have the means to buy the latest toys.... if anything, those were the beginnings of my love for re-purposing items.  It's funny where life takes you, isn't it?  It's been a rough journey for me to get to where I am now.... but, I'll tell you one thing I've learned, you should always appreciate the small things, because it's those itty-bitty, seemingly-insignificant, take-for-granted-type-things that truly make you happy.... The glitter and fluff is just that, glitter and fluff.... that stuff eventually blows away.  Not trying to be preachy or anything.... I'm just sayin'....  Step back every once in a while and take inventory.  It really does help keep perspective.

So, I'm appreciative of my meager beginnings; because, if they weren't a part of me then I don't believe I would have evolved into the extremely crafty, re-purposeful maven that you've come to know and adore  ;)  .... (did I also mention, I'm oftentimes full of crap?)

Anyhow.... getting on with things.... Found some really cute owl hats floating around the WWW, google it, they're EVERYWHERE.... Again, aaaanyway, anyone who even has the teeny-tiniest bit of craft-savvy knows that mostly everything that's in manufactured existence can be replicated in some way, shape or form.....  So here's my take on the owl hat....

The purple-eyed lady belongs to my little girl-babe.... the other two are being delivered today to our friends, Avery and Jordan.... I hope you like them!

Have a great day people  ;)


  1. Wow! Those are great Julie! Wish I had your crafty touch! xox

  2. Thanks ladies! I'm having lots of fun with the owls... I can't stop thinking of what else I can create :)

  3. Thank you Julie, the kids love them, they are beautiful works of art.