Friday, October 7, 2011

Obsessive, to say the least....

You can say that I've been a teeny-tiny-little bit obsessed lately... but, that would be a TOTAL s-t--r---e---t--c-h! 

Somebody, who I've never met, has been donating the most delicious collections of vintage crafty magazines, pattern books, leaflets and what-have-you's (bad grammar, I know) to my favourite thrifty place....

And, lucky me, I was able to scoop a few up at prices ranging from .10 cents to $1.00 each to $5.00 for 8 oversized magazines (that was a deal I struck with the lovely man at the cash... SCORE!!!!).

Of course, I found a couple of other little treasures to go along with the crafty "HAUL".... a beautiful handmade pottery mug and a vintage hand-embroidered linen table runner....

 Looks like I'm going to be a busy lady making up PDF patterns for the shop and listing some more vintage linens.... LOTS of fun!

Have a great Canadian Thanksgiving weekend everyone... I'll be back tomorrow with your Friday night video ;)

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