Sunday, August 7, 2011

Vintage and thrifting....

Yesterday, on the way to Nanny's place, the monkeys and I spotted a garage sale. I don't normally stop.... and that's not to say that I don't like garage sale-ing, I do. I love it just as much as I love thrifty shopping, I just generally don't stop on my own with all the monkeys.... anyway....

My middle monkey spotted teak salad bowls and had to have two. Who knows what draws people to things, I don't even know why I'm drawn to certain items; but since the price was right, who am I to deny him something that he finds value in? My itty-bitty girl monkey found two sweet little wooden fridge magnets - a goose and a chicken - and wouldn't let them go.... another deal. My oldest monkey came away empty handed; but, was completely convinced that Mommy needed a 'really cool' citrus juicer.... I was very tempted, but opted for the two super cute stoneware mugs.... score!

The nice lady (who we just happened to know) charged us just .25 cents per person's purchase.... What?! .75 cents. TOTAL! We gave $1.00.... keep the change.

Here's a snapshot of the 2 stoneware beauties.... Coffee. Tea. Anyone?

Then, after our visit with Nan, we took a trip to Value Village.... remember the place I picked up the 50's nightstand? Well, it did find a home.... nestled nicely beside my chair in our living room.... I LOVE IT!

Aaaanyway, I picked up these vintage pattern books.... another new obsession.... but, holy buckets, how could I walk away from these hilarious finds?! Look at those ladies; they're stylin'! Totally feelin' that 60's/70's vibe.... And guessing by the look of the mitten booklet, I'd say it's 40's/50's.... I just love thinking of who may have bought these items, and how at the time, these styles were at the height of fashion.

Not too sure what I'll do with them, maybe list them in the shop too.... The monkeys each picked out some books; they love books, we have a ton, and buying second-hand is a real savings. I don't mind so much going through their books every now and then to weed out the ones they no longer enjoy; and since most are used, I have no attachment to them and can give them up easily.

Here are the monkey's selections....

There was also an origami book (with papers) that I couldn't pry out of my middle monkeys hands to add to the photo.... Who knew a 7-year-old would love the look of teak and appreciate the art of origami.... he surprises me at every turn. Anyhow, when you have boys (and girls) in your home between the ages of 5 and 10, Captain Underpants is a MUST! It's funny, it's comic book style, it's about all the grossness that boys find intriguing.... and most importantly, it gets them reading and engaged.... and if I'm being honest; I love the flip-o-rama as much as they do. The mini monkey is at that stage where Arthur and Dr. Seuss are where it's at.... I say, they're always where it's at.... All-in-all, the monkeys made choices that were 100% Mommy-Approved!

4 Pattern Books: .99 cents each
5 Children's Books: .99 cents each (buy 4 get one FREE)

TOTAL for 9 books: $8.36 with taxes

A fantastic and very affordable shopping day.... except, we still had to go grocery shopping.... and with three very hungry monkeys, that's never affordable :P

Have a great day everyone ;)

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