Friday, August 19, 2011

It's all mine....

Ok, so by now, you're probably all getting a little tired of my obsession with aluminum ware; but, too bad :P

Here's another thrifty find I couldn't pass up!

The kitchy-est little double boiler, don't you think? I'm bursting at the seams with this stuff.... When I first decided I 'needed' a collection of aluminum, my intentions were to just find a few (7) coffee percolators and tea pots to display on top of my kitchen cupboards.... well, with the addition of this one, my cupboards are looking a little too overdone :(

Something has to go.... but not today, I'm going to mull it over for a bit, do some re-arranging and shuffling about.... I'm sure I can make IT. ALL. FIT.... Mr. Monkey is not so sure.

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot.... this little buddy only set me back $3.00 plus tax at my favourite 'Thrift Store'.... great find, I say.

I'll return later for this weeks installment of the Friday Night Video.... any requests??? Have a great day my lovelies ;)

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