Monday, August 8, 2011

New and coming soon to the shop....

For a while now, I've been throwing around the idea of adding a wider selection of 'stuff' to my etsy shop. You know, I'm a little more diverse craft-wise, than just hats, I really am.... I love ALL things crafty.

And as I admitted yesterday, I have a new obsession: finding fun and totally vintage patterns and pattern books. I've already added one vintage pattern of a cute kids/teens cotton dress/cover-up to the shop; and will be adding the other books that I just found too.

I've also been really liking the hand embellished kitchen towels that I've seen in stores, on etsy and elsewhere.... I decided to try my hand at that as well. Yesterday I added this cute little lady to the shop.... of course, this is an in progress picture, you can find the finished towel in the shop....

Secretly, I'm thinking that if it doesn't sell quickly, I'll just add it to my own kitchen towel drawer because I like it that much ;)

And, AND! The sea star washies are working up very nicely and quite quickly.... there'll be sets of those available later in the week, too.

I dunno what's going on with me... wasn't I just saying recently that I wasn't feeling much like crafting? Well, that drought seems to have passed. My mind is racing a mile a minute with different project ideas, and just last night after I had the kiddies tucked into bed, I whipped up a hip sack for Hammy. The boys have had their own for quite some time. They use them every time we go on a hike. They tuck their rocks, leaves, and anything else they find into them. And this time, I took pictures of the process.... I'm hoping to find the time to make up a tutorial for the hip sack soon.

Aaaanyway, nothing more to add today.... hope you all have a great day ;)

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