Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Feeling fallish...

Less than a week to go til school starts... we enjoyed a busy, busy summer full of family, fun and perfect weather... and now, back to routine. As much as I love having my children with me all of the time, there are definite signs that it's time for the older boys to get back to school, friends and predictability. Does anyone else feel the same? Am I bad for wanting to get them back at it? Maybe I need to explain myself a little better... lately, around here, there's been a whole heap of "I'm telling", "Mooooommmmm! He's (insert your choice of whatever someone is or isn't doing here)", and "Stop following me" going on... I believe my big guys just need a break from one another... Don't get me wrong, this isn't a constant thing... 99% of the time these guys are the very best of friends and play very well together... it's just been in the past two weeks as our summer activities have been less and less organized... When you hear experts say that children thrive on structure... believe it... these last two weeks have been concrete proof of that for me. The fall routine is exactly what my guys need to quell their boredom.

As for me... driving down country roads seeing all of the green turning to yellow, leaves beginning to fall, and the corn stalks reaching their highest heights is making me feel very, well, fallish... I even feel funny wearing summery colours... and find I'm fighting the urge to pull out the knits, wraps and earthy tones... Not that I find this bothersome... of all the seasons, and I love them all, fall is my very favourite. Halloween is the best "holiday" ever invented; and pumpkin pie is, by far, the tastiest food known to man... what's not to love about fall???

And the best thing for me about fall is the anticipation of celebrating (I should say, going out for dinner for) our anniversary... tomorrow is our 10th anniversary... WOW! Ten years of marriage, three kids, two cats and what seems like a lifetime of wonderful memories... I married my best friend... I think I was in love with the thought of someone like Craig before I even met him (or as he would say, stalked him)... And in the words of George McFly, "You are my density, I mean, my destiny"... Cheesy, I know, but hey, love can be like that ;)

Craig, I love you so much... thanks for taking a chance on the new, doc martin wearing girl in grade 13 homeroom...

Have a great day everyone ;)

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  1. I hear ya! My boy is going a little stir crazy too. He's been feeling that it's too "girlish" every where he goes. (although at school there were only 4 boys in his class lol)
    Happy Anniversary! I love to see other couples so much in love still with happy strong marriages. We've been married 9 years.. and I can't imagine life without him... or if I had never met him.