Tuesday, September 28, 2010

In training....

I'm starting a walking diary today.... an in-training manual, I guess.... I have just less than a year to get ready for the Weekend Walk to End Women's Cancers.... Seems like a lot of time, but in reality, it's not.... 60km is a very, VERY LOOOOOONG distance to hike. I know I can do it.... mentally I am pumped, proud, and ready.... physically, you ask? I think I'm gonna need a little help ;) Maybe a walking buddy every now and then, people to help keep me on track and motivated.... anyone willing to be my cheering section, my pat-you-on-the-back friend who's gonna say it's ok that I only walked 2km today instead of 10???

Seriously, just a phone call, text message or e-mail every now and again to remind me that even though my journey is gonna be tough, it's nothing compared to the road that the people I'm walking for have to travel, and that in the end, my small role in this 2-day event is going to help not just Becky, but so many other women, including myself.

I'm ready.... me and my little lady have our walking shoes on and after we say good-bye to the big boys this morning, we'll be hiking, and plodding and trodding through the streets of our pretty little town.... It's raining now, but that can't stop us.... we're determined....

Hope you have a day filled with sun-shiney day-dreams ;)


  1. wow! Thank-you seems inadequate for all that you are doing for me and others who are fighting the fight!
    Love you

  2. Truly, there is no need for thanks... you being my friend is thanks enough... it's my pleasure and honour to do my part to help my friend and her family... I've got your back B... xo ;)