Sunday, September 26, 2010

Closing day....

Last day of Kids Clothes Week Challenge... and lets just say, it has been a challenge for me... I'm hoping today to get to some kinda sewing project... hope-hope-hoping!

Yesterday's Mom to Mom went well... I managed to get rid of a great deal of stuff that was cluttering up mine and my girlfriend's house; unfortunately, I didn't fare so well in the hat department... sniff, sniff. I had so many people say they loved the hats and really wanted to buy, but didn't have enough money... I sold 3. I am quite happy with that number... and really, I can just stock my Etsy shop, and that makes me happy, see :D, that's me smiling ;)

I've taken the pictures, and will have them up in the Esty shop sometime today... please feel free to pop by the shop later to see the great colour range I am offering.

I'm hoping to pick some pumpkins today, no-no, not just me, of course the family too.... Halloween, it's just the best holiday EVER!!! Hope everyone has a warm and snuggly, pumpkin-pickin' day ;)

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