Monday, December 5, 2011

THRIFTY MONDAY: more pyrex love....

I found both of these little pretties at Value Village....  

This pattern is Spring Blossom, first introduced by Pyrex in 1972 to accompany Corelle's Spring Blossom dish set (1970).  Spring Blossom was also relaunched in 1979, no longer in avocado green; it featured a scaled down pattern size and available in lime green and dark green.  The dish in my collection (pictured above) is from the original introduction in 1972, and I'm happy to report that it has been lovingly cared for and shows virtually no signs of use... YAY me!

This pretty turquoise Butterprint dish, is quite possibly the oldest in my meager little collection.  This pattern (Butterprint) was introduced in 1957 and produced until 1968.  Orange and pink versions of this pattern were also printed but discontinued in the early 1960's.  You know I've talked previously about wanting (needing) pink Pyrex....  well, now that I know there are also orange pieces tucked away in someones cupboard, believe me, my want for this colour almost overshadows my need for pink :(    Aaaanyway, this pretty mixing bowl is beautiful on the printed side with one or two little (teeny-tiny, really) scratches; however, the inside looks like it's made a few cakes in it's time.... it's all good though, I still love it completely!

I've come to realize that finding Pyrex in pristine condition, like the first few pieces I purchased, is not so easy.  And I've also realized that since finding those few pristine pieces, that I cannot settle for pieces that are, well,  less than.... It's pretty clear when pieces are washed in a dishwasher, the pattern become etched and faded.... you can imagine just how sad this makes me.  I've found my coveted pink Pyrex, several times, in several locations; sadly, they've all been abused by the dreaded dishwasher one to many times.... I just can't bring myself to adding something so terribly cared for to my collection of gleaming superstars.... is that me just being prejudiced?

Anyhow, there's your Pyrex history lesson for today.  Have a happy, thrifty Monday  ;)

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