Thursday, December 22, 2011


TWO, 2, TWO shopping days left!

The malls are packed, wal-mart is something akin to apocalyptic.... you're in a frenzy now!

What will you do?

Give a card.  Card stores are filled with funny, creative, cute and heartfelt words.... already written for us!  Or, if you're feeling extra creative and verbose.... go for a blank card with a nice picture on the cover and write what you feel.... or, if you're extra crafty, make your own....

Words and feelings are things we tend to keep to ourselves, especially in times of hustle and bustle.  I love getting a card that was picked just for me.  I think about the time it took the person to open up just one, or several cards, to find that single sentiment that expresses exactly what feelings the giver has in their heart for you.

I have a box full of cards that I just can't seem to let go of.... and when I finally can part with them, I usually cut them in half and use the cover as a gift tag....

A hand written card is a very special gift to give to those you love.... give it a try.

Have a fun-tastic day  ;)

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  1. brought a(nother) tear to my eye - I remember making these cards... xo