Monday, December 19, 2011


F-I-V-E, FIVE!  5 shopping days left!

The excitement is building, and the stress levels are rising.... oh no, oh no, you still have a few people to buy for, what will you do?

How about one of the easiest, most personalized gifts ever?  What could it be, you ask?  Well, I'll tell you....

Make personalized labels for a few of your recipients favourite things.  For example, if you were going to do an inexpensive bath and body basket, you would buy soap or body wash, some bath fizzies, a body puff (or if you're a man a soap activator, as my husband calls them), and maybe a bottle of lotion.

Remove all of the commercial labeling (if possible), take some pretty paper (or plain) and create your own labels that are personal to your recipient.... give the soap an update with a nice wrapper, slip the bath fizzies into a clear plastic treat bag and attach a matching hang tag, also use a hang tag to attach to the body puff, and create a new label to slip over the commercial lotion bottle label.

What could be easier?

It's personal.  You know the recipient already likes the products.  It can be relatively inexpensive.  A-and!  It was made by you.... sort of....

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a lovely day  ;)


  1. Great idea. I rarely buy baskets assembled but I love putting them together myself. Something so rewarding in assembling a pretty gift basket! Never thought about labels though...good idea!


  2. Baskets ARE fun! I love picking out each item and arranging them.... basket arranging is an art in itself.... personal labels just add that extra special touch ;)