Saturday, December 17, 2011


Only 7 shopping da-ays left til Chri-istmas....  
Sorry, that's my attempt at singing in the tune of Twelve Day of Christmas  :P

Give the gift of memories in the form of a family photo....
but, not just any family photo....
How about a fantastic photo throwback?  What do I mean by throwback?

Well.... check out these fantastic retro-style photos....

The fifties family.... found on Pinterest

TOTALLY 80's.... Pinterest

60's couple found at My Retrospace

50's milkman and pregnant housewife, via Pinterest

Wouldn't it be so fun to do a hilarious retro-style family photo shoot?  
Dress up, snap some shots, print the pictures and pop them into vintage thrift store frames!
Then gift them to Grans and Gramps everywhere!

This is SO happening next year!

Have fun photo-shooting!

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