Saturday, December 3, 2011


The tree is up.... but still naked.... Arg!  The lights don't work!  Thankfully, I made sure to test them all before stringing them onto the tree.... So, first thing this morning, I'll be rushing out to Canadian Tire for some new ones.

The lights we have are the old, not-so-energy-efficient kind.  While I love saving energy where I can, I am not a lover of the new LED lights.... I really don't like the harsh glow of them.  My mother assures me that they've come a long way since they were first introduced.... She tells me there are softer glowing LED's that look similar to my old ones.  Nevertheless, I am stuck buying these new, less desirable type regardless of whether I like them or not.... there are no longer any other options in lighting.

I know they'll grow on me.... and I also know that what it really comes down to is this.... my tree will be getting dressed by my little family while we listen to Christmas songs and drink eggnog.... and make more wonderful family memories.... The colour and glow of the lights is really an insignificant thing when you look at the bigger picture....

my birdhouse all dressed for the season

We'll be together, and that's what matters most.... I'm very thankful for that....

Have a fantastic Sunday everyone  ;)

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