Thursday, May 19, 2011

Whatd'ya think?

I have a wedding to go to this July.... It's always fun getting invited to celebrate someone's special day; and the added bonus for me and my husband is that we have a chance to get dressed up and have some fun adult time together; something that any couple with young children would agree is sometimes a rare occasion.

Of course my husband will be wearing a suit.... sometimes I envy men and how easy it is for them to dress for such events.... it's pretty simple isn't it? Open the closet, grab one of your suits and throw it on. Nobody balks at the fact that they may have worn it to five previous weddings, a funeral and a school play. But, if a woman wore the same dress to more than one or two events, people would notice (at least that's what we tell ourselves to justify buying something new).

Aaaanyway, I've been perusing some of my favourite shopping spots and these are some of the items I've come up with as possibilities. Let me know what you think....

So this one in all of it's ruffly glory is from the Gap. I actually tried it on and I love it.... it looks really cute on.... the only downfall is that it is incredibly static-y, it drove me nuts for the whole 25 seconds I had it on. However, this is something I think I could duplicate in a less annoyingly clingy fabric.

This is such a sweet dress.... I've never done strapless, but this one makes me want to give it a try. Also Gap.

I really like the flowy nature of this Gap dress... it's a soft steel grey-blue.... maybe I picked this one because this is what our weather of late has been like.... hmmm?

I'm not normally into florals or prints; but, this one looks very fitting for a July wedding.... and blue generally is a good colour for my skintone. A steal of a deal from H&M.

From J Crew.... I love J Crew for dresses, and this dress is no exception.... what a great pop of colour and the off-centre design makes for a very interesting piece. Easily a classic if you purchased the black version.

And last; but certainly not least.... the Blakely dress from J Crew. I have been drooling over this dress for over a year. Now, anyone who really knows me, knows that I am NOT a dress person. If I can, I'll wear pants at all costs. But, for some reason, this dress makes me want to wear dresses every. day.

So, that's that folks.... which dress would you pick? I've got just over a month to make, repurpose or purchase something suitable, fun, fitting, sexy, and cute....

Have a great night all ;)


  1. All of them are great, I like the strapless and the blue one best. If you are making one, may I suggest a dress making class- why not make June as busy as May?

  2. Me, I vote for the Blakely dress from J Crew. With the shoes you posted today. :)