Friday, May 20, 2011

Whatd'ya think? part deux....

So, with a new dress comes new shoes.... that's a given, right?

I think I've found the perfect shoes (for me anyway).... and I think the blue floral H&M beauty from yesterday's post will look really-really cute with them....

I love Sears for shoes... you really can't beat the prices and selection.... especially for shoes that you won't be wearing often. I like that these babies are a neutral colour, and not black.... I have issues with putting black shoes on my feet in the summer, weird huh?!

Aaaanyway, I think I'll likely be building something around these shoes.... of course that's if they fit me properly.... gee, bummer if they don't :(

And in other news.... the weather here has been so glum, rainy and grey.... but just in time for our Victoria Day weekend, the sun has decided to warm us and give us some glorious blue skies.... which is making these lovelies look extra pretty. It's funny what you can hide when you take pictures creatively.... you'd never know that there's a big ugly wooden fence beside my favourite lilac bush.... and that the bush itself is hiding our pool pump and heater.

Enjoy the sun while it lasts my dears ;)

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