Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fun in the kitchen....

So, I've been taking this week off as a little breather.... much needed, and well deserved. But, this is what I've been checking out lately.... I love kitchen gadgets! I don't quite know where the love came from.... but it leads me to finding some really interesting, fun and useful items. Check out these cool and hilarious items.... things my children would certainly appreciate as much as I do!

The Condiment Gun, found at Danna Bananas.... how much fun would that be at a BBQ?

Corny Corn Holders, found at the joie shop, yay, no more burned fingers!

Kitsch Gadgets Pizza Cutter, also available at the joie shop.

Fred M-Cups, who doesn't love Russian Dolls? Available at Danna Bananas.

And last, Fish Chopsticks, from Kitchen Stuff Plus. Certainly would make eating asian food less daunting for kids (and some adults).

Have a great day peeps ;)

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