Friday, April 8, 2011

Unexpectedly delish....

Like all mom's, I'm always on the lookout for different ways of incorporating new (or weird, as my kids would say) veggies into our diet. The beet love has been a slow and almost agonizing sell; but, they will eat them oven roasted along with sweet potatoes and parsnips... a small victory for any mom, I say. And, being a person who loves colour; beets win me over in the veggie aisle. every. time.

So when I came across this Beet Root Pesto recipe over at Design Sponge (an amazing home dec blog, check her out!) I jumped in with both feet. I always have beets on hand for roasting with whatever main dish I've made.... roasted veggies should be a staple in anyone's meal plan just for the sheer ease of preparation - no thinking, just washing, chopping and roasting - little prep for loads of flavour - easy peasy lemon squeezy!

So what d'ya think of this yummy looking snack?

I can tell you with all honesty, my taste-buds were very happy :P And my eyes, they were taken by the breath-taking beauty of that rich jewel-toned red.... ok, ok, the colour is great; but, breath-taking? Yeah, I'm not really that much of a cheddar-head. If you're interested in trying this recipe out, click the recipe link earlier in this post and you'll get the low-down on the beet root-y goodness.

Anyhow, peeps... I'll be checkin' back in later with my friday night video (providing I don't forget).... any requests??? Ah, well, I'll think of something fun and festive to kick off this weekend!

Have a great afternoon everyone ;)

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