Sunday, April 17, 2011

KCWC spring 2011 and a teeny-tiny giveaway....

It's that time again! Elsie Marley is hosting Kids Clothes Week Challenge again and I've joined in!

Call me crazy.... for those of you who know me, you know that my May is JAM-PACKED with fundraisers, a baby shower, a mom-to-mom sale, mother's day.... and everything else under the sun! But here I am, committing to something else, taking on a new challenge, cramming another task into my over-stuffed daytimer.... I dunno, I think since the nicer weather is coming, and I had such a bumper fall/winter with my skull and crossbones hats, I've been feeling a little idle. I'm needing to get these hands a craftin' again....

So, here's where you come in, dear readers.... I have TONS of scraps of material.... I'm thinking of skirts for the girl-varieties, and shorts for the boy-kinds.... if I have just 2 of you who would be willing to put in a request, then I HAVE to follow through with this challenge.... what'dya say, any takers???

If you live close by, I can drop off or you can pick-up; if you are far-far-away, then you'll just have to pay for shipping costs.... sound fair? Yeah, I thought it did too :)

The colours and styles will be at my discretion.... not because I'm on a power-trip or anything like that; but, because I know what material I have.... I promise I will make your little someone something super cute (jeune fille) or way cool (jeune homme).... how's my french Crystal???

Aaaanyway, I look forward to your requests.... and please, don't hesitate to make your request.... chances are, I'll be getting to these items a little before Kids Clothes Week just for scheduling purposes (but mostly to keep my sanity before Crazy-May)....

I'm also open to and welcoming any encouragement from the peanut gallery. I'm gonna need it to keep on track next month :/

AND! Tonight is Amazing Race night, I'm a happy camper :D (see, that's me smilin'), and the only other show that gets me that happy is Golden Girls; ahh Betty White, she's so funny :D (again, me smilin').... I must sign off and get to tidying so the babes and I can cheer on our respective Amazing Race teams.... have a good one folks ;)

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  1. You ARE nuts to put something else onto your agenda, but, that's we heart you soooo much - your zest is contagious! How 'bout making some little person aprons for aspiring chefs and bakers? You could even sell them at your rummage sale for The Walk! Orrrr... you could sell them on Etsie.... orrrr, a matching set for Eva and wee Hannah that I could buy with the proceeds either going to the family fun fund or The Walk??? Hmmm....??? xo