Monday, April 18, 2011

Basic fort kit tutorial....

This is something that I am in no way passing off as my own idea. I mean, come on, when you really think about it, kids have been making these things all on their own since the day that sheets and blankets were first invented....

Us modern day mom's and crafty people just tweaked an already great idea and made it more of an actual 'kit'....

So here's what you'll need for your Fort Kit:

~double sized or larger flat bed sheet
~bias tape, ribbon or velcro
~sewing machine or needle & thread
~variety of clips or clothes pins
~storage bin or bag

Take your bias tape (ribbon or velcro) and cut desired length.

Sew one on each corner and a few evenly spaced on each sides (I think all totalled I ended up attaching 16 loops) and be sure to reinforce your stitches, I did two rows of zig zags about a 1/2 inch apart.... and it's also up to you about how many loops/ties you attach and what type you use. I used loops on mine for the rope to run through, kinda making it like a camping tarp. In hindsight, I would have actually attached a loop to the middle top of the bed sheet as well, just in case the fort builders wanted to 'tent' their sheet.... the more options the better.... And once the sheet/tarp part is complete, you just need to fold/roll it and tie it into a neat little bundle....

I also went ahead and made a little pouch to hold the clips. I used the back pocket of an old pair of cargo pants - easy-peasy! I'll do a tutorial for the pouches at a later date.... they're a TON of fun and great for boys! I've made them into hip-sacks for my guys and they use them whenever we're hiking.

So, here's everything all ready to go into the kit storage bin.... I struggled with bag or bin, and settled with bin. I thought a bag would be too fiddly for small hands and also that a child would be more apt to pull it out and play with it if they could actually see everything inside the bin.... I know in my home, kids are visually stimulated first, which I believe is true for most kids....

And, everything neatly tucked into their new home just waiting to be stretched out and hid in! And, of course, I had to attach my own personal touch by adding my 3 monkeys inc tag to it.... it was lots of fun to put together and give as a birthday gift to a special little friend.... who I hear has been enjoying the kit already!

This is just a basic kit. You can totally add to it and make it bigger and better.... the possibilities are endless!

Have a great day everyone ;)

I've linked this tutorial up at Polly Want A Crafter?

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