Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Makeover complete and a tissue paper pom pom....

I finally took a picture of my dresser and nightstand with the freshly painted hardware attached.... and now, they truly are a happy pair.... this is what they should have been dressed in from the day they were born....

I love the way they turned out. And needless to say, I am now addicted to the idea of spray painting EVERYTHING! Watch out little thrifted lamp.... you're next!

And today, I even dragged my friend Sherry to a thrift STORE.... not the THRIFT STORE of the same name that I adore; but, one that I have been meaning to venture to for some time now. And I was NOT disappointed. The pricing was exactly what I expected, which is to say it was inexpensive and, dare I say, thrifty.... just the way I like it!

I came away with a pair of capri pants, and 3 books for just over $8.... and for a mere $2. and change, Sherry purchased a new-to-her summer skirt and an easter book for my little Hammy (Hammy says thanks).... All-in-all a FaNtAsTiC thrifty day....

And, in other news.... while surfing the wonderful-world-wide-web for inexpensive centrepieces for the THINK PINK Tea Fundraiser that my teammates and I are hosting in May, I remembered this great tutorial for tissue paper pom poms from Martha Stewart. I picked up some tissue paper today to do a mock-up of this pom pom, only I left one side flat so that it would sit nicely in the centre of our tables.... can you picture these in the right shade of pink, THINK PINK pink????

What do you think? Too simple, or simply fun?

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  1. I LOVE it! I think they'd be a great centre piece. The tables are the long skinny ones.