Saturday, April 9, 2011

From brass to black satin....

Saturday's always make me feel like working around the house.... so in keeping with the remodelling, redecorating, refurbishing of our guest bedroom, that by the way is very close to being ready for me to paint (thanks to my machine of a husband), I decided to tackle painting my dresser hardware. I removed it all yesterday, then this afternoon I sprayed on a couple coats of primer.... after much research, the consensus seems to be that Krylon is the best spray paint for smooth non-porous surfaces like metal. And the added bonus (for me, as I am thrifty-minded) is that it is $4. cheaper than the other brands. I checked out the Krylon website to see where I could find the paint here in Canada, and as luck would have it, it's available at Wal-Mart, which we all know is the cheapest place to buy just about anything.

And, as with most of my projects, I forgot to take a before picture.... the hardware is brass, enough said. Ok, ok, let's not knock brass. I know there are people out there who love it. And in defense of this particular set of hardware, I can't say that they were the ugliest brass fittings that I've seen, they did look like they had some kind of antiquing done to them.... but still, for me, they were brass... bleck :P

So here's a shot of one of the pieces flipped so you can see that they are, in fact, brass.... and this too, is not a true depiction of the original finish as this is the backside, but you get my point.... yellowy, brassy, tacky finish.... am I conveying my true feelings of distaste for brass here???? And another shot of what they looked like with just the primer coat.... a GREAT improvement already, I say.

And here they are almost ready for adorning the dresser and night stand.

Such a small thing, changing the colour of your hardware.... giving something a new lease on life.... a great way of getting exactly what your were looking for without having to search here-there-and-everywhere or paying way too much. One itty-bitty thing off my guest bedroom to-do list.... I'll post a picture of the dresser and night stand all decked out in their new duds tomorrow maybe.... and speaking of tomorrow.... I'm tackling my thrift store lamp re-do.... stay tuned.

It feels almost like a sit on the deck with a glass of wine after the kiddos go to bed night.... ahh, maybe a little to soon yet. I guess the couch and a good movie will have to do. Have a great night all ;)

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