Wednesday, April 13, 2011

And the thriftiness continues....

While I love the great deals I can find in my local thrift stores; I am in no way opposed to finding them at a regular retail store either.... and let me tell you, today's deal at my local Home Depot was the best deal I've ever, EVER found in any store....

How about these beautifully rustic ceramic planters, perfect for welcoming people to my front door????

Yummy mocha and milk chocolate-y colour with drippings of dark and white chocolate.... suddenly I'm feeling the need for something sweet, huh, weird.... 4 in total, the last 4 I might add. For the grand total of, wait for it.... $4.00 plus taxes.... YES! I said grand. total. As in $1.00 each people!!!! I took a picture of the little yellow sticker to show you the regular and original sale price....

I SCOOPED these beauties up at the amazing BLOWOUT sale-to-end-all-sales price of $1.00 each. Yes. I said it again.

Regular price $40. each ($39.99 to be exact)
Sale price $20.
BLOWOUT PRICE $1. each!!!!!!!!!!!

A savings of $156.00

I can't wait to fill these with some pretty flowers or herbs.... ahhhh, spring!

Have a great day everyone ;)


  1. Wow! These are awesome! How big are there? I would like some

  2. THANKS Jane! They're a good size... not small at all... for herbs, one or two plants full grown by summer's end would be perfect size for them. They're tall too... LOVE THEM!!! Sadly though, they were the last of the bigger ones... but maybe try Cambridge/Kitchener Home Depot if you happen to be that way.