Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Vintage inspired....

I don't know if I've ever expressed my love for vintage items.... anything and everything vintage....

Last friday, my guy and I took the kiddies for a pancake breakfast at a farm that makes pure maple syrup; needless to say, they were delicious! After our yummy brunch, we decided to stop in at an antique market on the way home.... thankfully the kids also share our love of anything old (a prerequisite for being a member of this family don't ya know)....

Anyhow, while browsing etsy this morning, I came across some really beautiful vintage pieces that reminded me of that little side trip and about how excited my kids were to see, touch and smell things from the past....I thought I'd share a few of my favourite vintage wednesday etsy finds with you....

50's Horn Rim Glasses by Vintage 50's Eyewear

Vintage Spring Coat
by Poppy & Bean

Crochet Throw by Lady Libertine Vintage

Retro Pork Pie Hat by Shihtzuwest Vintage Goodies

This is just a partial sampling of the treasury I put together on etsy, to check out the other items in my Vintage Blue treasury, click the link....

I'm also working on a cute little post that involves handmade baubles for little ladies, hope to have that to you tomorrow.... Have a great day everyone ;)


  1. Have you gone to Southworks? The antique part? I could spend a day in there!!

  2. I've been many, many, many times over the years! And love browsing and buying! I've purchased almost my entire collection of aluminum coffee percolators there... and not just to display; they make THE BEST coffee! I use them instead of an electric coffee maker as the electric ones never seem to last more than 6 months for us.... go figure.

  3. I have to go again soon, it's been way too long. Maybe we should walk there lol.. it's about 25 kms.. I once walked there from my apartment in Kitchener (by Conestoga College). But if we walk, we can't bring much home with us..

  4. I'd be up for a walk there just to browse... and I'm sure my hubby would be totally all for me JUST browsing, as it is one of my dangerous shopping spots :/

    Not a big clothes shopper; vintage jewellry and housewares are more my vice :)

  5. google maps says it's only about 21 kms..
    We should totally do it! I wonder the safest / best route (other than the 24A). We could head out early one Sat morning, grab tea/coffee at their little cafe, do some browsing (sans kids) grab lunch at the cafe in the outlet mall and call the boys to come get us or walk home (hey if they come get us we could bring home stuff.. 42 km might be a little much in one day..

  6. we could just walk the rail trail... I believe it's a shorter distance... and safer

  7. we could plan out our fundraisers and such whilst walking. Yes, I said whilst. ;) Check with your hubby for scheduling and let's do it! Rail trail would be awesome (muddy but awesome!) :)