Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Family game night....

I know it's not a new concept; but, family game night is something our little family tries to do on a regular basis.... we don't have a night assigned for game night, it's more of a spur of the moment thing for us.... sometimes it's once or twice a week, and sometimes it's once a month.... whatever our schedule allows....Anyhow; our latest game of choice has proven to be a real family pleaser....

The Pictionary card game.... we've had the boxed adult version of the game for years, which lately has become a bone of contention for my husband.... some of our games are tucked away on the top shelf of our coat closet, the boxed Pictionary game being one of them.... If you have the game yourself, you know the box is a long rectangular shape; totally not fitting with all of the other more square-ish game boxes.... Aaanyway, every time my husband reaches for a game, this oddball game box falls from the shelf, once even landing on his toe, causing him to utter under his breath (not really), some form of profanity.... poor guy.... I guess that's where my height (or lack of) works to my advantage - no 'watch for falling game' for me to worry about ;)

Again, aaanyway, the game is so much fun! The game consists of 3 sets of cards: 1 set of category cards (adult side/children side) and 2 sets of pre-drawn picture cards, a blue set and a red set (one for each team). The category cards are similar to those found in the boxed version, except one side is for adults, the other for children.... of course, as we're playing with the boys, we've only used the side geared for children. The idea is to pick your category then create the answer using as many of the picture cards as you can. Very simple concept that is both hilarious and frustrating (again, the same as the boxed game)....

The game is for 4+ players; 8 and up.... our 6 year old plays with us with no problem; he just gets his older brother to help him read his category cards if they're too difficult for him to read himself.

The most interesting thing I find, is that the kids have an easier time with 'drawing' their pictures.... I tend to over think and try to get into great detail.... funny how kids see things more simply and literally than adults do.

Give it a try for your next family game night.... it's reasonably priced (I think Santa picked ours up at Wal-mart for $6.97); it's compact and can go anywhere; and best of all it doesn't require pencil or paper!

Enjoy your next family game night.... let me know what you think of the game.... have a great day everyone ;)

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