Saturday, November 20, 2010

Stocking stuffer....

My love of the pot scrubbie seems to have transferred to my Hammy-girl... whenever I finish one she grabs it and plays with it until I'm able to snatch it away....

But don't misunderstand.... I'm not giving my 2 year old pot scrubbies for Christmas.... I've made three smaller, toddler-sized versions;

a red square, a yellow circle and a blue triangle.... get what I've done? Kid friendly shapes in primary colours! Nothing revolutionary by any means.... just simply an extension of my love for these things.... again, I ask you, Is it wrong for me to love these things so much?

The girl-baby and I can learn shape and colour together all the while LOVING the scrubbie.... hey, don't knock the scrubbie love.... if you had some you'd understand....

Hope you've started your Christmas shopping... just over a month away.... have a great day all ;)


  1. Great idea! Multi-purpose scrubbies! Teach your children their shapes, colours and how to clean all at once! Love it!


  2. My thoughts exactly, Sherry... I knew we were kindred spirits ;)