Thursday, December 30, 2010

My journey has begun....

Some of you already know that I have decided to take a 60km walk in September, and some of you have decided to join me.... what a journey it will be.... I will be honoured not only to be doing this to support the great work that the Princess Margaret Hospital does for cancer research; but doubly honoured to be walking for some very special women in my life; women who have struggled through their own battles with this horrible disease and some who continue to fight.

This will be an emotional weekend walking with the great group of ladies who have joined a team with me; and walking alongside many fighters, survivors and crusaders.... I'm anticipating a weekend full of hope, sisterhood, tears and pride.... I can't wait to come across the finish line, knowing that I've helped even just one person in the fight.... and I can't wait to see my little family waiting for me at the end.... these are all of the feelings and emotions that are pushing me to do this, and to do it well.

For my friend Becky, I will carry your spirit in my heart the whole way, and knowing you are bravely fighting will be my driving force. This is a very personal journey for me. Becky you DESERVE to win this fight.... my gloves are on, my shoes are tied, my legs may hurt and my muscles may burn; but it's for you that I gladly, willingly, and proudly do this.... I won't let you down, I won't let me down, I won't let my teammates down, or the millions of other women who we are fighting with....

I'm working toward my goal with the help of my beautiful friend, Kim, who is pushing me and my body with some real kick-ass workouts.... but I need it, I need to push my endurance, push my spirit, and push my ass off of this sofa.... Thankfully I'm not alone, my wonderful husband has chosen to do the training with me, which also drives me to succeed.... I am truly a lucky woman to be surrounded by so many loving people.... thanks everyone for your support in my journey.... I love you all...

Have a nice day all ;) xo


  1. I am sooo with you!
    Got some great donations for my birthday and am feeling great about that.
    Also received a new very cool MP3 player from my hubby for my walks! And pink blister proof socks! I went last night for a little 3K walk... So training has officially begun!