Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas sewing....

It's here!!!! It's December, and I'm sure you're all feeling the crunch too.... trying to get to your last minute stops, thinking of all of those presents that need wrapping, making sure you haven't forgotten anyone.... sound about right?

This year, true to my word, I have NOT gotten carried away with the gifting.... in a bid to keep things a little less commercial, I've made some presents for the kids, and limited what we did purchase. It's not about the presents, right? Something I've been drilling into my guys (and gal's) heads since they were just little monkey-bubs.... I know they still only see it as a get-a-gift holiday, I'm not that naive to believe that my valiant efforts are actually being heeded at this point in their young lives.... but, no harm in starting early with teaching the real meaning of the season.... right?

Aaaanyway.... I always buy jammies for the monkeys for Christmas; I know, I know, every kids dream gift.... but, a necessity nonetheless.... Well, while perusing the fabric store, I came across some fun-fun-fun flannel fabric (ha! an alliteration!) that I thought all of my bubs would love.... so out came the sewing machine, and 2 sleep pants, 2 sleep shorts and 1 jammie set later....

Here's the girl-babes set. I love these two prints together, they're so sweet and not so overly in-your-face-I'm-a-girl....

I followed this tutorial from Habitual for the top and just used a pair of sleep pants we had for the bottoms.... easy peasy weezy!

I will not be showing the boy pants and shorts as there are usually 2 sets of spying-prying eyes lurking around the house at any given moment....

I still have a few more things to whip up.... or not.... that still remains to be seen....

Have a fantastically fun flurry filled day.... Ha! another alliteration! I know, Mr. Monkey tells me all. the. time. that I'm a word-nerd.... I don't care, without words we'd all be pretty boring....

great day all ;)


  1. LOVE little C's jammies - especially how the top looks like a kimono! (sp?)

    Um, this is the part where I try to think of a whitty alliteration of my own, but... it's a no go... Wait! "Juile's Jammies in a Jiffy"! Yessss! :)

  2. It IS a kimono! And your spelling is astoundingly, authentically, accurate.... A+++++!

    And for some stupidly, strange, silly reason, lol, alliterations have always been my most favouritest parts of speech... is that word-nerdish? I hope so, because I pride myself on my word-nerdiness!

    Aren't you glad you're my friend?

  3. I LOVE the jammies Julie! I always get them for my kids too, it's a Christmas Eve gift, so Christmas morning they're all cuddly and snug in new Jammies... This year I bought them from our church's sewing booth, very nice old fashioned button down flannels! I know it's not exciting for the kids really, but it's one of my fondest memories as a kid, and I wish I got new jammies every year (that I didn't buy myself!)