Tuesday, December 21, 2010


4 more sleeps til the big man comes!!!!

And in the spirit of the season, I'll be giving away one of these babies....

Ok, so not really the babies.... they're all mine and I'm not willing to give them up for anything ;)

Instead, one lucky winner will receive one hand-crocheted skull and crossbones hat made especially for you or a little monkey in your life...

Made from soft and chunky acrylic yarn in my smoke free home.... The giveaway will be open to all 3 monkeys inc readers.... just become a follower, if you're not already, and leave a comment telling me your favourite winter activity or memory, old or new.... and of course, leave me your e-mail address if I don't know it already....

The giveaway will be open until December 31st at 11:59pm.... I'll post the giveaway winner January 1, 2011!

My favourite winter memory, you ask???? Well, it was made just last night.... we packed up a cooler full of snacks and egg nog, loaded the monkeys into the family bus and took an hours' drive to Niagara Falls.... When we arrived, we bundled the kids up in their snowsuits.... although, it was such a mild night, it wasn't totally necessary; but they had fun rolling in the snow anyway.... we walked through the Christmas light display, looked at the Falls, ventured up Clifton Hill and back down again... snapped lots of pictures here, there and everywhere, then piled back into the van and headed for Dufferin Islands where we ended our night with a picnic on a snow covered table that Mr. Monkey had to scrape off with our windshield scraper.... it was one of the best family adventures we've had.... These are my favourite kind of memories, and they make my heart burst with pride and love for my little family....

Good luck with the giveaway everyone.... and I hope your holiday season is full of the things that memories are made of.... have a fantastic day all ;) xo

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  1. Hi Monkey Mama,

    I would have to say one of my best winter memories was when I was in University in Ottawa and lived close to the Rideau Canal. I often skated to school in the morning but one particular Saturday evening when my roomates and girlfriends were getting ready to go the bars, we found out one of our friends had broken up with her boyfriend and was very sad. We tried to cheer her and abandoned the bar hopping plan so we could drag her out with our skates and a thermos full of Bailey's and hot chocolate and went down to skate on the canal. Well before you know it we were all laughing and giggling and the Baileys inspired all kinds of jumps and moves which I am sure amused the other people out that night. What a great night with the girls!

  2. For my family, Christmas is about tradition.

    It's about just knowing in your soul that Santa will leave the same goodies in your stocking year after year.

    It's about opening one gift on Christmas Eve and being really, truly excited to receive brand new jammies.

    It's about families - who, may not be the ideal perfect set up - are still yours none the less and the imperfections are what make them special.

    It's about love. Unconditionally. Uncompromising. Unquestionably.

    It's about reflection and appreciation of all the countless blessings in our life.

    It's about being thankful to God for giving you a countless supply of one-more-chances.

    It's about dreams whispered only to the heart, magically coming true... one day.

    Above all, I think it's about hope. If we have that, then we always have enough.

    May all your Christmas wishes - and prayers - come true. xo

  3. My favorite memory will be spending our first Christmas with our daughter, Savannah Rose this year. We are looking forward to more Christmas' and seeing her reaction to things like Santa, etc., as she is only 5 months.

    rmccoy1234 at yahoo dot com

  4. I was waiting to post because I just knew this year would be the best ever.
    We spent Christmas Eve in a beautiful little church, in the country. A church that was nestled in amongst some gorgeous tall pines and other evergreens. Soft music greeted us before we even got out of the car. The sky was clear and full of stars. We went into the what I can say may be the prettiest little church we've ever been in. We were extremely blessed to participate in our Godson's baptism. He is 4 months old. His parents come from Rwanda. His father, after a few years of studying and struggling to make ends meet in this country (as he and his wife did not qualify for ANY sort of financial assistance), his father's name was proudly displayed on the sign as the Rector. Our family played a very small part in this, as we helped him make good connections, and kept our church involved in supporting them, but mostly our support was just making them part of our lives. As I stood shoulder to shoulder with my wonderful husband, this man and his wife from Africa and their gorgeous little 4 year old son and now their new baby, I was overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with the honor having been chosen, and overwhelmed with the sense of knowing there was one more safe baby in the world, both children are Canadian citizens and will never have to know the horrors their parents knew.
    After the Baptism, we drove an hour and a half back to Ottawa, where we did all the necessary "helping" to get Christmas all ready for the kids, had a glass of wine and went to sleep. The next morning, The kids got up to the magic of Santa, and a tree overflowing with gifts underneath. The gratitude again overwhelmed me. Next up, a huge turkey dinner, and a wonderful Chocolate Birthday cake in my honor. :)

  5. What a cute hat! My favorite winter memory was when I got to back home to Colorado. It doesn't snow in California so it was a nice experience to have a "White Christmas"!


  6. My favorite Christmas memory was coming home to canada last year to spend it with my family. It had been more than a few years that i had been home. We ate good food that my mother made and played charades with the grandkids. We made teams and everyone was laughing. The best was my team won. My husband, Dayna, and Nykolyna and myself. We even had a team portrait and a paper trophy to prove our win. I am very proud.

  7. Awwwww love that hat!!! Favorite memory always involves the excitement my children have leading up to Christmas, especially Christmas eve! Everyone needs to believe in Santa!
    sunni08 at gmail dot com

  8. My daughter would LOVE that hat. Well, she's too young to know what she loves...but I'd love that hat on her! :)

    My favorite winter memory was Christmas because it was spent with all of our families together! I am so thankful that my parents and my hubbys parents get along so wonderfully! We also had family in from out of state and it was just a wonderful feeling to be surrounded by everyone we love!


  9. I'm a new GFC follower! texastypeamom at gmail dot com

    My most memorable Christmas was when my daughter was in the NICU. It was such a bittersweet time having had a tiny, beautiful daughter but not being able to be with her at home. She's a happy and healthy 2 year old now though and the sacrifice of only being able to be with her in the NICU is behind us.