Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer wear...

I love H&M... enough said, right?

Where else can you get up-to-date, trending fashions at very reasonable price points???


Here's a little something I put together... tell me what you think... does it scream summer fun?! It kinda takes me back to grade 9... that would be, a-hem, 1985... the year Back to the Future was released, the year I loved wearing cut off jean shorts, the year where my love affair with sewing began... grade 9 home-ec, where I learned to crochet, and where I found my inner chef, thanks Mrs. Wibberly for starting me on my road to creative self-discovery...

All these items for just $124.70... a fantastic price... but, I still would NEVER spend this much money on myself at one time... I'm thinking I can piece some items together that will look very similar, and at a price I can live with... Maybe this should be my next challenge, kinda like one of those high/low features in those stylish home magazines... hmmm, I like this idea... check back in the next couple of weeks and we'll see if I've captured the essence of this little outfit...

Have a very happy, sunshine-y friday... ;)


  1. HI Julie, i love this outfit!! can you make me one in my size please!!!

  2. Hey Jane! I know where you can get this exact outfit!!! Unless you're el-cheapo like me... I'll be bargain shopping and thrifting to put this one together ;) Thanks for reading along, it makes me :)

  3. I love doing this kind of thing--finding inspiration then piecing together something more reasonable. Great outfit.